Graphic Design & Project Management

Set Now Solutions - Graphic Design & Project Management

Before we begin development on any website, we make sure we firmly understand your business and your internet goals. We're good listeners.

A strong internet presence begins with elegant and intuitive graphic design. Whether your project requires a fresh start, or you're an established brand redesigning for mobile compatibility, our design team will highlight your past successes and give you a design that will last into the future.

Responsive Website Design - Websites that adapt to mobile, tablet and desktop

Too many web sites focus more on imagery than usability. A well designed website should be built to meet your needs as well as the needs of your clients who are using multiple internet devices and the search engines.

Respecting Industry Standards and HTML Best Practices

You can sum up our website development style in one sentence. We build fast-loading sites, using industry-standard HTML conventions that are highly visible to search engines and look great on almost all viewing devices. The beauty of this method is that our websites rarely need a major overhaul. We have seen many of our long term clients (that have been with us for over 10 years) through 2 or 3 website redesigns, and the reasons for the change are usually to add functionality, to adapt to changes in the organization's business model or to create a "fresh" look. This efficiency and compatibility work in your favor. We welcome your initiative to do a redesign every few years, not because you have to, but because you want to.

Project Management - Successful Projects Require Synergy

A new website or internet-based product is often a combined effort, including elements from programmers, designers, video producers and copywriters. These deliverables are all monitored and pulled together by one of Set Now's experienced project managers. Set Now's production team is all in-house, which means we have greater control over the quality and timeliness of the elements that make up your internet project. There will be no budget surprises or subcontractor miscommunications in the process. Our in-house approach ensures the highest quality in everything we do.

Audio, Video and Animation Database Integration
If you have an internet need, Set Now is your solution!