Database Integration

Set Now Solutions - Database Integration and Dynamic Websites

An interactive website gives you the insight to more effectively plan your marketing and customer support efforts and more. It provides data to your site visitors and gathers important information that can be saved and analyzed so you can more effectively grow your company. Whether it's an online game to help gauge your audience's knowledge of a subject or an online form that enables a respondant to express praise or a grievance, obtaining audience feedback important.

In addition to gathering and analyzing data, a database-driven website can also serve your page content, allowing you to easily update your website from any internet-equipped device. Simply put, we build websites that allow you to create your own page content using intuitive MS Word-like text editing tools.

A Well Architected Database is at the Core of an Interactive Website

Whether you need to integrate your in-house database with your website or you want to move all of your database-driven business processes online, Set Now can help determine the best solution to fit your needs. Our programming production team is all in-house, which means we have greater control over the quality and timeliness your internet project. There will be no budget surprises or subcontractor miscommunications in the process. Our in-house approach ensures the highest quality in everything we do.

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