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People Expect Social Media

Social media isn't an option any more – it's expected that you're using it. A company without a social media presence now suffers from the same credibility crisis that a company without a website suffered ten years ago. Here are some reasons why social media should be important to you:

Your Website and Social Media Work Together

You should expect more from your internet development company than just building a website. Set Now Solutions understands that your web presence is only a part of your overall marketing and sales strategy. Our internet marketing insight and knowledge of social media will increase traffic to your website and boost the popularity of your social media channels. The techniques we use provide trackable data, so you will know that they are working.

Planned Cross-linking and Link Formatting Ensures 'Trackablilty'

In addition to nurturing the relationship between your company website and your social media sites, we are also acutely aware of how people travel from one site to another and what people are doing once they get there. Our job is to understand your customer's behavior, make ongoing adjustments and recommendations to optimize your efforts, and improve your followers' experience.

One of the ways we understand visitor behavior is by implementing guidelines for how your staff posts social media and web links. For example, if your web link is being 'shared' in social media, but not converting sales, we know how to adjust the link path they're following to achieve a better sales success rate. By helping you establish special link-naming methods, which will be used whenever your company shares content, we can easily drill down into your Google Analytics or web server log files to document a site visitor's path: where they came from and what pages on your site they visited during that resulting website session. If you are losing your audience somewhere along the path, we'll be able to spot it and give you ideas on how to better retain them.

Developing your Social Media Plan

Set Now can help you create a social media plan that will help you establish company procedures on topics including:

By gaining a better understanding of the choices, benefits and appropriateness of the available social media channels, Set Now will help you prioritize your social media efforts, establish a budget and determine the appropriate staffing needs. We will also help develop protocols for your company that will make social media easier to manage and, ultimately, more beneficial to your business' bottom line.

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