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The Purpose of Marketing Has Not Changed

Your company possesses unique qualities that you need to communicate to your customers – via marketing and email marketing – to grow your business. For many, the internet has become the primary marketing channel, displacing print and broadcast media. Company websites that are integrated with social media are the new 'billboard'; email and Tweets are the new 'direct mail'; YouTube video has provided the 'common person' with the ability to broadcast video; and online surveys and social media events have replaced man-on-the-street polls and mail-in contests.

"What you have to say" is as important as where you say it

Set Now Solutions' creative team developed their marketing skills before these new electronic channels became available, and a sense of traditional marketing convention still exists in everything we do. We believe that a well-thought out and well-written message should be the starting point for ALL your marketing efforts, and can help you refine your online marketing plan. We firmly believe in quality over quantity. This results in a focused media plan that will capture and engage your target audience, and will respect your time while maximizing your efforts. - automated email marketing services, online greeting cards, invitations and online surveys

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Elements of an SEO, Social Media & Web Marketing Campaign

There is No Such Thing as a Single Solution

We understand that everyone's needs are different and that even your needs within your company vary from project to project. Finding the right 'recipe' for your online marketing projects is our house specialty. By understanding the different marketing choices, we'll help you select the best ingredients and proportions to serve up a tasty message that will have people coming back for more. We look forward to answering any challenge that you've put on the table!

Search Engine Optimization

Services include SEO friendly website design, reports and analysis, copywriting and SEO campaign planning. There is an art to generating quality website traffic from search engines, engaging your visitors and inspiring them to return.

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Social Media Integration

Set Now's combination of social media sharing tools and link-back campaign planning maximizes both your website and social media exposure.

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Email Marketing Tools

Automated email marketing solutions to improve the way you communicate with customers, prospects and coworkers.

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