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There are a many ways people communicate in business including email, text, voice, social media and phone. One of the benefits of electronic media is that you can send the same message to many people at once; but one of the shortcomings is you may not know if your message was received. In short, communication doesn't take place until you know your recipient has received and understands the message.

Another problem with electronic communication is how supporting information – such as attached documents, files and links – are transmitted. Email is inherently insecure, and file attachments are cumbersome to transmit and wasteful of disk space. One solution is to upload your attachments to a web server and share a link to the file for people to view on demand. But, that option is often a multi-step process that is too complicated to be used in a spontaneous situation.

Set Now Solutions specializes in building customized communications systems that gracefully resolve all these challenges. For years we've been creating secure messaging systems that let you quickly create a professional announcement, distribute it to a list of recipients and view real-time reports of delivery, sign off and feedback. - automated email marketing services, online greeting cards, invitations and online surveys

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Our typical installation provides your company with a set of secure online tools where you can upload and maintain your employees' or customers' contact information. You can then select the type of communication you want to send from a message template and easily add your message via intuitive MS-Word-like tools. Adding files and attachments is easy and can be directly uploaded to a secure location for download or streaming.

Once your message is sent, you can view your delivery and click-through stats in real time via your online tools. Depending on your needs, and individual choices when you send a message, your recipients can communicate back to you in a number of ways:

In short, easy-to-use email marketing tools and dependable reporting and feedback can be an integral part of your daily business routine. Give us a call, tell us what your needs and wishes are and we'll help you come up with a solution.

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