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As more companies aggressively promote their internet presence, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain high placement in search engine results. The keys to successful search engine optimization (SEO) are not a secret but there is an art to researching and writing keyword-rich copy that makes sense to your customers while also be indexed properly by the search engines. A successful search engine optimization plan requires insight, planning, analysis and, most importantly, the dedication to commit to the time it takes to do this.

Set Now provides in-depth regular analysis of your website and social media performance, all relative to the goals that are specifically designed to answer your business needs. Our plans and recommendations are fluid - they react and adapt to your changing requirements, your customers' behavior and to industry changes in search engines, browsers, social media, and internet best practices.

Set Now also provides copywriting and content creation specifically aimed at bolstering 'targeted goals' in your SEO campaign, like product or event promotion. We also assist with blogs and social media posts to give you the greatest advantage when following a "natural search engine optimization" plan. (Natural search engine optimization is any effort that increases your search placement without having to pay the search engines to display it.)

Our SEO campaigns include the following:

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