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What is a Company Extranet and how does it differ from an Intranet?

Both enable employees and select business partners to access, create and collaborate on important company procedures. But, an 'intranet' is a network of computers in your office and an 'extranet' connects people who need access OUTSIDE of your wired company network. By using an extranet, your workforce has no geographical boundaries. By giving each user certain permissions, you can control who sees what, monitor access as they perform their tasks, and view real time data on the status of all your extranet tools.

What can an Extranet do for your company?

In addition to managing internal business operations within your company, our extranets also allow you to interact with customers and prospects. They enable you to use online tools to edit your website, post to social media and to create and send email or online newsletters. They also serve as a notification system, alerting you by email and by on screen messages that important tasks have been completed or that immediate action is required.

If you are already using online tools to run your business and need to expand, or you have in-house systems that are not web connected, then we might be a great match. Developing custom corporate extranets is Set Now's specialty. All of our clients have online administrative tools that enable them to manage customers, website content and other business operations. Here are some examples of day-to-day business tasks that we've created for company extranets:

Don't avoid moving your business tasks to the web because you think it can't be done. We like a challenge! We're happy to discuss ways to make your business run more efficiently and cost effectively using a company extranet.

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