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Set Now Solutions - Online Business Tools

Creating effective and affordable online business tools is our specialty. Set Now's online business tools help businesses manage customers, website content and perform day-to-day business operations for thousands of users all around the globe.

Secure Online Tools for Special Needs or for Everyday Business

Our online business tools are built into custom designed company extranets, which allow companies to manage their employee operations and customer communications throughout their sales regions. They can also be made available as stand-alone commercial services, like our flagship CRM service, CorpNote – Online Greeting Cards, Invitations and Surveys for Business.

Intelligent Access and Secure Data Distribution

With special sign-in permission levels, content is displayed only to the people that are designated and entitled to see it. We employ industry standard security tools and practices designed to protect your data and web network without disrupting the day-to-day convenience needed by your employees and customers.

Your online business tools can include the following functionality:

Don't avoid shifting a business process to the web because you think it can't be done. We like a challenge. We have yet to hear of a business process that we can't move to the web to make your business run more efficiently and cost effectively.

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If you have an internet need, Set Now is your solution!