Web Enabled Applications

Should you build a Mobile-Ready Web Tool or an Online App?

The proliferation of internet connected hand-held mobile devices has been a boon to the mobile app market and mobile website market alike. But, there are vast differences between how the two technologies work as well as the upkeep required to edit and maintain them.

What's the difference between Web Enabled Applications and Online Apps?

Online Apps and Web Enabled Applications differ mainly in how they are distributed, and whether they need to be accessed without internet connectivity. There are also differences in how the information is updated and whether the application is specific to a particular type of device or operating system, possibly requiring different versions of the same app.

As developers of a variety of web enabled applications, we will discuss your specific needs and help determine the best solution for you. The table below illustrates a basic test that helps determine whether a web app will work, what your anticipated update needs are and whether the tools can be built within your budget.

  Web Enabled Applications Online Apps
Content Yes, with internet connectivity Will work with or without internet connectivity
Updates DIY - HTML changes can be done by client or by web developer Changes need to be made by a Mobile Application Developer
Targeted Devices All HTML Web Browsers (all devices) Individual Apps for:
iPhone / Android phones / other phones
iPad / Android tablets
Distribution Existing company web server - nothing to download Application server - requires app download and installation plus updates

In our experience, web enabled applications are more cost effective, more easily maintained and have a longer usable lifetime than mobile applications. But, there are definitely situations where a mobile app is necessary for your overall business goals and it should work seamlessly with your website.

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