Staff Bios

Sarah E. Miller

President and Founder of Set Now Solutions

Sarah has been working with internet development since 1994. As President of Set Now Solutions, Sarah provides top-level project management.

Her responsibilities run far beyond her expertise in web site architecture and production. Sarah is active in community organizations and events, and has numerous speaking credits on subjects including website planning and infrastructure and search engine optimization. She also regularly publishes articles on marketing-related business topics in her blog on

Education: Sarah received her B.A. in English, summa cum laude, from The College of New Jersey. She is continuing her education in fine art.

Professional Affiliations: Sarah has been a regular supporter and presenter at Mercer Business Forum, Mercer County Community College, The College of New Jersey, NJAWBO, and Trenton Small Business Week.

Business Background: Sarah started her career in technology by writing technical manuals, articles, and marketing copy for brochures and newsletters. Being able to communicate easily and affordably to a large audience is what originally drew Sarah to the internet. In 1994, she started applying her writing and analytical skills to creating content for web sites. Her husband, Michael, joined her in 1999 to expand Set Now Solutions' capabilities, offering full graphic services, multimedia production and on-line interactive training.

Business Favorites: Sarah has a passion for anything related to the internet. She enjoys "solving puzzles" and creating web-based tools that help businesses run more efficiently.

Off-line: Is that mud on her shoes? It very well could be. Sarah has a daily habit of working in her gardens, even before her morning meetings. When she's not digging or harvesting, she loves reading, photography, sketching and painting.

Michael A. Miller

VP and Creative Director of Set Now Solutions

Michael has been designing interactive media since the advent of the personal computer, and created his first web image in 1995 using PhotoShop 2 on a Mac Quadra. A veteran of the video and multimedia industry, Mike quickly became addicted to finding ways to enhance the web experience. Limited by a top modem speed of 28.8 Kbps, Mike predicted that full-motion, full-screen video was nearly impossible on the web — until high speed internet connectivity was in every house and business, and TVs were flat and could hang on the wall like the Jetsons. Welcome to the future!

By cutting his teeth in the internet industry at a time when high speed bandwidth was a precious commodity, Mike's web development skills were honed to create highly efficient sites that worked well regardless of conncetivity speed. This would become the hallmark of his web design philosophy — web site navigation should be intuitive and efficient, so visitors can find what they need, enjoy the experience, and will continue to be a customer.

Mike's portfolio of production skills includes 2- and 3-D graphics, animation, interactive multimedia, photography, and video/audio production. He is classically trained in piano and guitar, and his music compositions have been featured in various television, multimedia and web projects.

Awards and Honors: Mike's professional history has been spent as much in the community as in the studio. He has been involved in countless educational programs, and teaching technology to local business, has served as the Chairman of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce's Technology Committee and has also served on the Chamber's Board of Directors.

Education: Michael received his B.S. in Television and Radio Communications from Ithaca College in 1985, with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations, and a minor in writing.

Business Background: Michael Miller's first job out of college was for a conference center as a photographer and video technician. He produced what was then called "multi-media" presentations, which were animated slide shows created by linking as many as 12 slide projectors together via a primitive computer (called a "Dove"), and synchronizing them to a taped soundtrack. He has worked as a commercial artist in the print industry, and has a long and diverse list of accomplishments as a shooter, editor, and producer of videos for the corporate and broadcast markets.

When video editing went digital, Mike was one of the first to embrace the new technology. His next career jump brought him to a video post-production studio where, in addition to animating and editing TV commercials and corporate video, he developed and programmed interactive multimedia, first for CD-ROM, and then for the web. In 1999, he left to join his wife Sarah, helping to build Set Now Solutions to what it is today.

Business Favorites: Mike enjoys the variety of his responsibilities as an owner and Creative Director in a family-run business. "No two days are the same. With mobile technology and social media changing the rules of the web every day, I never can get bored. Each project is like a new adventure."

Off-line: Mike shares Sarah Miller's enthusiasm for gardening, and has most recently adapted a strict "organic only" regimen for their gardens, beds and lawn. In a location that views dandelions as mortal enemies, Mike tries to find a balance of protecting the environment while also keeping peace with the neighbors. He also enjoys mountain biking, camping with his two adopted dogs, and playing and collecting guitars.

If you have an internet need, Set Now is your solution!